Hunting For A Pop-Up Space? Here’s What You Need To Know

Pop-Up Space

If you’ve set your budget, established your goals and other key components for your Pop-up shop, then it’s time to set it up at the perfect location. But, finding the perfect space to set up a Pop-up shop is easier said than done.

A Pop-up shop is a great way to boost revenue, create brand awareness, test new markets, and engage with customers. That’s why you need a location where you can access all these things quite easily.

In this article, we have mentioned some important aspects of finding the perfect location which you should consider when looking for a Pop-up space.

Types of Location You Can Choose From For A Pop-Up Store

When searching for a pop-up store space, choosing an appropriate location should be your first preference as other key components will rely on it. So what is the best location for your Pop-up store? Take your pick from the locations mentioned below:

  1. An Event Space

If your brand is related to women’s fashion, jewellery and other big brand apparel, then an event space can be an inviting location for your pop-up store. An event space or an art corridor has open floors and an appealing set-up which is simply a marvellous venue for a pop-up shop.

To find event space for your Pop-up store, look for upcoming events and check if there are any booths available for you. Make sure you book an event space where you can find enough visitors to promote your brand.

  1. A Mall Or Shopping Centre

Mall Or Shopping Centre

One of the greatest places where you can find high foot-traffic and exposure to brands is a mall or a shopping centre. Irrespective of what day of the week is, you will see that a shopping mall is often filled with people. While some are there to shop there are others who just like to wander and look around. Setting up a pop-up shop at a mall will give you the opportunity to interact with the daily customers. But, how you’re going to do it?

To give maximum exposure to customers about your brand, you should either opt for a booth space in the middle of the mall, or you can rent a vacant store that is specially reserved for Pop-ups.

  1. Street Retail Space

If you want to build your own brand and create a remarkable image, then there is no better option than a street retail store for your Pop-up shop. Though it is not similar to the mall space or event space, it’s completely worth it.

A street retail store is considered as one of the most popular options for Pop-ups. It can easily attract road-traffic with signage and great displays.

When you’ve got an idea for choosing the appropriate location for your Pop-up shop, it’s time to look for other important factors in that location.

Things To Look For When Choosing A Pop-Up Location

Choosing an appropriate location is not enough to set up your Pop-up shop. There are other factors as well that come into play and can directly affect its success.

Mentioned below are some important things which you should consider when choosing a Pop-up location.

  • Foot Traffic

The first and most important thing that you need to promote your brand is customers. If you set up a Pop-up store in a place where foot traffic is very low, it is a waste of both time and money. Before finalising a location for the Pop-up store, ensure that the space gets enough foot traffic on weekends as well as other days.

Ask other retailers in the area about the number of customers who visit that location on a daily basis. Finalising a location with high foot traffic is the first step in the process of decision making.

  • Cleanliness Of The Area

Cleanliness Of The Area

A clean and fresh area is always appealing to the customers. People always keep the interior of the store well-organised and established, but they often forget about the cleanliness of the exterior area. So, make sure the exterior of the Pop-up store is clean enough that don’t feel uncomfortable while coming in.

You don’t have to clean every corner of the sidewalk, just make sure the entrance to the store is squeaky clean before you start welcoming customers.

  • Signage

The location you choose for your Pop-up shop makes a huge difference, whether it’s located on a street or a mall. Without a clear and visible signage, it can be difficult for customers to associate with your brand. If you’re setting up the Pop-up shop on street retail shop, ensure that the signage is large enough that customers can easily see it.

However, if the Pop-up shop is set up on a booth in a mall, chances are customers will not notice it because of the vastness of the building, no matter how large and impressive your signage is. But, you probably shouldn’t consider this factor as a loss, as there can be other benefits of opting for a mall location.

  • Parking Facility

Providing sufficient parking space for your customers will make it easier for them to visit your store. If the Pop-up shop is set-up in a mall, then it will attract more customers as compared to street retail stores due to the large parking space. However, if you found a parking area near a street retail shop then, that’s an added benefit.

If you simply cannot afford to set up your Pop-up shop in a mall, consider choosing a space where you can easily get parking facility. For example, choose a space that’s in close proximity of public transit routes, such as bus and metro stations. Using effective strategies, you can easily advertise the route to reach your store.

  • Storage Space

As you know, Pop-up shops are very small in size as compared to a normal retail shop. It can be very difficult to store everything in it conveniently and make the existing space more appealing. Therefore, you should opt for a space that already has a separate stock room; else you have to make shift-partition so that the Pop-up shop looks more proficient and organised.

By employing effective storage ideas, you can easily make your store more efficient. You can find a number of ideas and tips on the internet to organise your small storage space.

  • Lighting In The Store

Lighting is an important aspect in a Pop-up store as it will greatly impact its appearance and displayed products. Having bad fluorescent light can make even the best displayed products look old and steal their appearance. However, bright lighting can be of help if your brand is more attuned.

You can also opt for softer lights if your brand reflects a traditional artistic appeal. Lighting in a Pop-up space can easily be manipulated as there are many options available in the market. Ask the owner about the switches used in the store or if there are any other alternatives available for lamps and portable lighting.

  • Security


The last thing you want is burglars stealing your merchandise due to lack of security. Security of the store should be your first preference when choosing a Pop-up space. Make sure the space is completely secured even in your absence.

Ensure that there are enough cameras installed in the store so that burglars cannot lift your merchandise or displayed products. If cameras are not installed in the store, ask the owner to arrange necessary equipment which is required in the store. Look for other important factors as well, such as door security, glass security, etc.

  • Internet Connection

Usually, the internet connection is considered as a verbal package, but many retail stores owners provide this facility within the store rent. Make sure you check the leasing agreement carefully just to see if the internet connection is involved in it or not. If the store already has a high-speed internet connection, you don’t have to spend your saving on it.

An internet connection is vital in a Pop-up shop for both back-end sale and front-end customer interaction. It allows customers to directly connect with your online presence and help them navigate through your selling channels which create a better sense of brand loyalty. Without good internet connection, it’ll be difficult for them to make payments, and you can lose your customers.

  • Payment Methods

Purchasing from a Pop-up store can be amusing and cool for the customers if the transaction process is easy and convenient. Most of the retail spaces have many payment options which can be very helpful for customers, as not everyone keeps the cash in their pockets while shopping.

Providing efficient and easy payment options to your customers will create a long-lasting relationship with them. There are many payment options available that you can opt for, such as Payment wallet, credit/debit card, PayPal, and more so that you don’t have to rely on cash payments.

The location of your Pop-up shop plays a vital role in its success and creating brand awareness. As a retailer, your choice of Pop-up shop location must reflect its brand image.


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