Child’s room: how to adapt the baby environment

Child's room

Reaproveite pieces from the old room to your child’s room

Your child grows and comes the doubt: how to adapt a baby’s dormitory to the new phase? Know that it is possible to take advantage of most of the pieces of the room, giving a repaginada in the decoration. See how:

* By 2 years, the crib should give way to the bed. If you have an auxiliary, which used to be used by the mother or the nanny, just equip it with a protection grid, which is sold separately. According to architects Erika Fukunishi and Thalita Miyawaki, of EFTM Arquitetura, in Curitiba (PR), the bed must be far from the window, which needs to have a grid or screen.

* The closet, which used to serve exclusively as a wardrobe, may have a compartment reserved for storing toys.

* It is worth acquiring niches, to group books and stuffed animals, preferably at the height of the child, and save space.

* The dresser continues to play the role of keeping the child’s clothes, but the changer will give way to objects with whom she identifies herself.

* Enjoy the space of the breastfeeding armchair to include a table and a study chair.

* Lastly, abuse your creativity by changing the color of the furniture (how about painting them yourself?) And applying a wallpaper.


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