Child Room Decoration: 7 Ideas for Shared Environment

Child Room Decoration

Do your children share the same room? So take advantage of these tips to make the environment practical and charming. The tips are from Isabela Caban and Simone Raitzik, from NaToca

* The bunk is a classic that usually pleases children and a solution for small spaces. From the age of 5, the child can sleep on top, always with the protection grid to avoid accidents. 

* It’s good to think about uniformity, but not everything needs to be neutral to please both, even if it’s a couple. On the contrary, it is important to let them see their identities printed in the room, with different colors and prints that delicately delineate the corner of each.

* How about investing in a very original novelty to animate the firstborn who will need to divide his space? A climbing wall, a bed with a cottage frame or a panel to display Lego pieces are some cool ideas that do not take up much space. 

* If one of the siblings is a baby, leave the crib and exchanger closer to the door. Thus, entering and leaving the adult at night to take care of the younger does not disturb the elder. 

* A long workbench can work as a desk for both at the same time, with no regret in the room’s look. And still instigate to study together. In doubt, put a drawer for each one, so the mess is not widespread.

* Do not have color restrictions. Blue can work superbem for boys and girls as well as red. In fact, the two together are a charm and design an environment tailored for different tastes and ages. 

* If you do not want to invest in wallpaper, look for fun posters or prints and put together a composition. Thus, it is easy to change and vary as children grow.


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