Baby rooms: 13 Pinterest inspirations with Pantone 2016 colors

Baby rooms

For the first time, the two-color blend: Rose Quartz and Serenity. We separated some ideas to decorate the children’s bedroom using the colors of the year, check out

Pantone set the colors for the year 2016 and, for the first time, brings the mix of two: Rose Quartz and Serenity Blue. Knowing that colors can convey feelings, the company put together those that evoke the balance between warm pink tone, like a hug, and the light blue, cooler, calmer tone that brings a sense of calm, of peace.

How about you draw inspiration from those colors to decorate your son’s room? CRESCER has separated 13 inspirations from Pinterest to help you. check out

1. In the details – For those who prefer a room with more discreet tones, a good alternative is to invest in an all white environment and use the shades of pink and blue in the details of the furniture and mirrors.

2. Lots of color! – Anyone who loves a colorful environment can invest in the combination of the new tones chosen. In addition to conveying the tranquility, the colors make the room all harmonious.

3. Everywhere – Colors can be used in any way you like, whether it’s on a piece of furniture, a bibel, or wallpaper. Highlight for the retro bedside table.

4. I want both! “Not one color or another, but both together.” The pink and blue tones chosen by Pantone complete, so do not be afraid to combine the two. Just use creativity!

5. More tones – The option to mix the colors chosen by Pantone with other colors of your preference are also valid. In addition to the colors of the year, this dresser has light purple, brown and a slightly darker blue. Get Inspired!

6. It is worth dare! – Do not be afraid to invest in the two colors together. In this room, the wall with “brick in sight” got pink. Already, the wardrobe, the blue.

7. Everything Rose Quartz – The possibility of using just one of the colors also exists. Invest in different creative ways to do this: a wallpaper with more than one tone and details in matching tones.

8. To rest – A pink-toned chaise longue contrasted with the textured wallpaper, and gave a charm to this resting place.

9. In Ornaments – Tones can also be used on some items in the bedroom decor. Notice how cute were the rabbits, hearts and cloth flags.

10. Mixed – In addition to Pantone’s chosen tones, try combining other nearby ones to compose the room décor. In this room, even the pillows and bedding came into play.

11. Boys and Girls – For a room of brothers, the tones are in perfect harmony. The refinement was due to the gold of the cradles. Everything very clean and delicate.

12. Crayons – With them they have no error. Besides leaving the environment harmonic, bring an air of tranquility. It is worth mixing in furniture, rugs, cushions, armchairs .


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